The Lonely Ones are an original folk / Americana band from Rochester, NY.

Their songs range from boot-stomping to heartbreaking, all with trademark tight harmonies and songwriting.

Their sound is resonant of the American countryside, wide open and rich with storytelling.

It felt pretty good to dish out our first gig since December this past Friday evening. Big thanks to Roots Cafe in Naples for hosting us and the energetic crowd for sticking around to enjoy our efforts. Next up is Bernunzio Uptown Music on East Ave, Rochester. Check out our Shows page for details!

New Album update correction: vocal tracking is ALMOST done; Sammy has one more song to hit, in addition to whatever axillary percussion and last minute what-have-you that we'll tackle on our last recording session in early May. Now that the hard stuff is over we get to do fun things like choose song order and work on packaging design. The project is really coming together, thanks to Brian over at Redbooth. We're very excited!


Levi and Samantha finished tracking vocals in the studio today! We've got one more tracking day scheduled in early May for violin, auxiliary percussion, and other sundry items, and then we'll be ready to mix this new album!

In the mean time please check out our April gigs on the "Shows" page!


Our friend and family Aaron Pridmore laid down some sweet organ and piano tracks for us this past Monday. Aaron is very talented on the keys, so needless to say we are very excited to have him as a part of our album project.

Only a few weeks left in March: check out our "Shows" page, as we are now up to three fun gigs for the month of April!


Lots of exciting developments with our new album project! Levi and Sam are half way through vocal tracking, a special guest and friend of the band will be tracking some organ on Monday, and we just wrapped up a productive band meeting where we budgeted and talked about design ideas and moving the project forward.

AND we got to hear the first "rough mix" of the album tracking thus far. It's a long process but we're getting very excited about our new future CD!


The Roots Cafe gig in Naples has been rescheduled to early-mid April. See our "shows" page for details.

Also, new-album guitar and piano tracks are recorded! (Great job, Levi!)


Our Roots Cafe gig has either been canceled or postponed. Stay tuned for details...


Kickstarter success! The campaign is over: 58 backers helped us raise $3,376 for our in-progress, upcoming, studio recorded, full length album. Thank you. Check back here for project updates!


Bass is tracked for all twelve songs-in-progress, and thanks to all our awesome backers we met our kickstarter goal: what a day!


Drums are tracked! Great job, Kim! Now the rest of the rhythm section is on deck. Better get practicing, boys.


We begin tracking our new album this Friday! Find out how you can help us fund it and earn yourself rewards at our Kickstarter Page.


We have officially launched our New, 2016 Kickstarter Campaign!

Take a look to see how you can become a part of our exciting new full-length album!


Wrapping up the old year with a new Band Bio Page section! Click "Bio" in the menu or any of our lovely faces above the menu to check it out.


Starting to book a gig or two for 2016; check out our Shows page for our latest schedule!


We've had a fun stretch of shows, playing The Little Theater Cafe and Pour Coffee for the last five weeks. Now it's time to hunker down and get ready to record our next album. Stay tuned for more details, including how you can get involved in our next album project!


Welcome to our brand spankin' new website! Please feel free to poke around.